The Amazon Obsession: Latest Upgraded Points Survey Reveals Shopping Habits and Monthly Price Tag

AUSTIN, Texas, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With Amazon Prime Day around the corner, Upgraded Points recently explored America’s obsession with Amazon in a revealing snapshot of consumer behavior across the nation. In the heart of the digital age with a whole world of shopping just a click away, the survey paints a vivid picture of America’s ever-growing Amazon infatuation, spending habits, and the lengths consumers would go to keep shopping on the online retail titan.

“Our goal was to uncover this deep obsession that has become ingrained in our culture,” said Alex Miller, Upgraded Points founder. “Amazon has established a significant presence in our daily lives where we not only turn to the platform for discretionary and impulsive spending, but also simple, essential purchases.”

Study Methodology

Upgraded Points surveyed over 3,000 online shoppers across 44 states to explore the depth of Amazon users’ relationship with the online retail giant.

The Amazon Addiction – State by State

In the survey, respondents were asked to rate their level of Amazon addiction on a scale from 1 to 10. The results showed that some states definitely have Amazon super-fans:

  • Alabama tops the chart with 36.5% of respondents rating their obsession between 7 and 10.
  • North Carolina, Michigan, and Tennessee follow closely, with more than 30% of participants sharing similar Amazon devotion.
  • At the other end of fandom, Florida has a more casual relationship with Amazon, with only 18.8% of respondents expressing the same level of devotion.

Spending Habits – Profile of an Amazon Shopper

When it comes to spending, some consumers have looser purse strings than others. The survey found that this even varies across state lines:

  • Americans spend an average of $91.75 per month on Amazon.
  • Prime members spend $110 per month on Amazon, compared to non-members who spend an average of just $38.
  • Residents of Tennessee topped the list of highest spenders, forking out an average of $124.22 per month.
  • Other states with high average monthly expenditure include Delaware ($114), Wisconsin ($113.66), and Iowa ($113.46).

The survey also offered a snapshot of a typical Amazon shopper and their Prime Day price tag:

  • Approximately 25% of Americans shop on Amazon once a week or more.
  • Nearly a third of Gen Zers use their parents’ Amazon Prime memberships.
  • The average American spends around $117 on Amazon’s Prime Day.
  • The biggest categories that consumers are shopping for: Electronics/tech (54.5%), clothing/accessories (48.1%), and toiletries/personal care (41.5%).

But despite the obvious convenience and allure of Amazon, a significant number of Americans experience buyer’s remorse after Amazon purchases – with 18% admitting to feeling guilty after buying. And a whopping 34% of Americans believe they have spent more money on Amazon this year than the amount of cash they have in their savings account.

To see what Americans would give up just to keep their Amazon shopping access, alongside other interesting insights, please visit the complete survey HERE.

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