The Brand That Is Confidently Addressing Holistic Health

Ananta Considers Every Aspect of Long-Term Health with Each of Its Formulas

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ananta Medicare is an international health brand that is committed to proactively addressing health through safe, effective herbal dietary supplements and formulas. The brand has offices and manufacturing facilities located across the globe. This gives the Ananta team a wide range of resources and perspectives as its members work together to dynamically develop and produce innovative in-house formulations. These are affordably produced and address a variety of different health concerns, making the Ananta catalog a treasure trove of health tools for individuals of any age or stage of life.

“We have numerous products targeted towards different market groups and customer bases,” explains company president Pradeep Jain, “At the heart of all of it, though, is a deep desire to create ongoing, comprehensive care for our clients. We aren’t a single solution to one health concern. Our product portfolio is meant to meet individuals where they are and help them address whatever combination of health concerns they’re facing at the moment.”

This holistic approach to health applies to more than the collective Ananta catalog of products, too. It can be seen on an individual product basis as well, as many Ananta formulas address multiple health concerns at the same time.

For example, the brand’s Adrius nutraceutical supplement is designed to help the male reproductive system. Rather than address a single condition, though, the Adrius formula brings together multiple herbal ingredients to simultaneously help with libido, sexual performance, and infertility.

Whether it’s infertility, bone health, skincare, children’s health, or other medical concerns, Ananta Medicare is likely to have a solution. Its portfolio of herbal supplements collectively provides consumers from all walks of life with the ability to access endless care for their health as they manage each health-related crisis and concern that life sends their way.

About Ananta Medicare

Ananta Medicare Limited was founded in 1999 and consists of a group of companies that specialize in the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality products with natural components. These include generic medicines, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. The brand has plants in India, each dedicated to specific manufacturing needs. It also has offices in the UK, India, and Ukraine. The company’s vision has always been to protect and preserve health and increase quality of life. Learn more at

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