The Fitness Company Meeting Consumers on Their Terms

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Most fitness organizations have set routines, formulas, and programs. These must be strictly adhered to if customers want to see results. D2Fit Nutrition is part of founder Jessica Bass James’s effort to blow up this stereotypical aspect of the fitness industry. Jessica Bass James’s goal from the beginning has been to create a program that caters to the needs of her busy fan base, no matter where they might be.

At 24 years old, Jessica Bass James was a mother of three that found herself struggling to find a workout routine that actually fit her hectic schedule. Most options were either designed for those with more time or were straight-up boring. The entrepreneur decided to come up with a solution on her own. Jessica Bass James launched her company, Dance2Fit, in 2010 and recently fired up her sports nutrition brand D2Fit Nutrition, as well.

Jessica Bass James’s ongoing goal with these enterprises is simple: to serve her customer base on their terms. She knows that there are millions of other parents and professionals like herself out there. There are countless individuals who spend their days on the homefront where they care for children, work from home, or somehow manage both. This leaves them with little-to-no time to spend following strict, time-consuming workout regimens.

Instead, Jessica Bass James had focused her efforts over the last few years on building a fitness community that uses workouts to help "inspire and motivate people to make positive changes in their lives." Dance2Fit does this by offering classes that combine high-intensity workouts with upbeat, high-energy music. These classes are offered both by certified instructors as well as in a live stream format.

D2Fit Nutrition also carries its weight by offering supplements designed to help Jessica Bass James’s customers get the most out of their precious workout time. For instance, the brand’s Multi Collagen Pre Workout powder offers an energy boost and mental clarity right before a workout.

Additionally, its D2Fit Women’s Time Release Whey Protein subs in for a snack and helps women lose weight and build muscle. Its Women’s 4 in 1 Kickstart boosts the metabolism and helps support appetite. Each of the D2Fit product offerings serves in a critical support role that helps Dance2Fit fans prepare for and dominate each workout routine.

Between the flexibility of Dance2Fit and the comprehensive support of the D2Fit line of supplements, Jessica Bass James has created a fitness empire that truly meets her customers where they are — rather than the other way around. In the words of the brand, it doesn’t matter if you "want to lose weight, gain muscle or have a healthier lifestyle — Dance2Fit can be tailored to reach your goals."

About D2Fit Nutrition: Dance2Fit was launched in 2010 by Jessica Bass James, with the D2Fit label arriving afterward. Both brands facilitate Jessica Bass James’s goal to help "millions of people across the globe achieve their fitness goals."

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