The Long and the Short of Orbit Coffee

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Orbit Coffee is a clever take on the traditional idea of an energy booster. Rather than simply providing a quick burst of short-lived energy, the drink delivers a dose of energy that kicks in quickly and then keeps right on going.

The average energy drink tends to offer a massive, overwhelming spike of energy. Often this is far more than is required for any particular task. Even worse, the too-high highs of an energy spike tend to be followed by a devastating crash. Exhaustion, sleepiness, and mental fatigue all set in shortly after an energy drink is consumed.

As consumers around the world continue to look for any and every way to stay energized, the need to find a long-lasting solution that won’t come with harmful spikes and devastating crashes has become paramount. Young and old alike from all professions and walks of life remain desperate for something that won’t end with them worse off than when they started.

Enter Orbit Coffee.

The Italian energy booster is a refreshing take on the inherently defeatist energy drink cycle. Rather than depending on an excessive amount of caffeine to ramp the body up into overdrive for a short period of time, Orbit Coffee is designed to provide a steady flow of bodily energy and mental clarity. According to the company, the unique energy solution is a booster that "offers to the consumers a way to achieve peak performance during high-intensity activities."

In other words, it energizes the body and the mind alike in the pursuit of one’s "peak performance." The bodily energy comes from the natural inclusion of caffeine while Maca root is added to provide an additional sense of mental sharpness.

In addition, the brand has used careful research and study to create a combination of sequential carbohydrates to include in the formula. This consists of fructose and dextrose which serve as fast carbohydrates to provide energy quickly. In addition, slow carbohydrates like maltodextrin and isomaltulose are added to extend the energy surge for a longer period of time. This powerful blend of carbs, caffeine, and Maca root is brought together in a coffee and chocolate-flavored mixture that is as easy on the palette as it is invigorating to the mind and body.

Orbit Coffee still depends on caffeine to provide a pick-me-up. However, the thoughtful way that it does so offers an innovative solution that can help individuals power through any situation. For those who struggle to maintain their energy levels over time, this clever Italian invention offers an energy boost that allows those who consume it to live out each day with vigor. It empowers its users to live out the brand’s slogan to "open it, drink it, and lift off."

About Orbit Coffee: Orbit Coffee is based out of Italy. The brand is owned by Cleverit Corp, an entity that itself is controlled by the leading Italian sports nutrition company EthicSport.

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