‘The Quest for the Demon’s Portal’ Now in Print

ORLANDO, Fla., June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Quest for the Demon’s Portal is the latest fantasy novel by Robert A. Valle.  This is the second book in the Mage’s Quest series which began with 2020’s The Quest for the Wizard’s Ring. The series follows the continuing adventures of Chaant and Anjelica, gifted young mages, in the world of Altor. They’re helped by Chaant’s brother Ky’el, a skilled warrior who possesses the legendary Demon Slayer sword, and Anjelica’s brother Devlin, a powerful mage with a mysterious past. The series revolves around their role in the conflict between the walled cities of Altor and Demon Lords that lead vast armies. Here’s what audiobookreviewer.com had to say about the first book: “Filled with magic, mystery, and adventure, this is one of those rare audiobooks that will capture the listeners’ imagination. Just when you think the end is near, the author, Robert A. Valle, throws in a twist. This is a creative book filled with suspenseful moments and well-written.  I look forward to the next book!”

And we’re happy to report the next book is now here!  The Quest for the Demon’s Portal picks up where the first book left off.  After a climactic battle, life in Almarra was slowly returning to normal.  But all that changed when a group of refugees from the nearby city of Elharra arrived to report another demon army had appeared.  Worse, the Demon Lord at the head of this army was much more powerful than the last one that Chaant and his companions had faced, and he seems to have a deep insight into their methods and pasts. As they prepare for battle, the Wizard Eldrid suggests an alternate course of action; one that could end the threat of demons forever. But to succeed, they might have to sacrifice the people of Elharra.

In The Quest for the Demon’s Portal, Valle expands the Altor universe, giving the reader deeper insights into the characters from the first book and introducing new allies and enemies. We also learn more about the origin of the demon forces that plague the planet and visit a vast new underground world. The story is fast-paced and easy to read, appropriate for all ages. If you’re new to the series, be sure to pick up The Quest for the Wizard’s Ring first, available in print, e-book and audiobook (narrated by the very talented Luke de Maine).   

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