ThinOptics Welcomes Investors to their New Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on StartEngine

SONOMA, Calif., Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ThinOptics started out with a simple idea: to create thin, comfortable reading glasses that fit on the back of a cell phone. The thinking is brilliant; since everyone carries their cell phone everywhere, shouldn’t something as necessary as reading glasses come along for the ride? The idea was deceptively simple, but the execution was challenging. ThinOptics made it happen. 

Today, a comprehensive product line of ThinOptics reading glasses is available predominantly on and Amazon, as well some of the bigger retailers including Walmart and Best Buy–with five-star reviews across the board to match. ThinOptics has built a scalable DTC brand with eCommerce positioned on their own website and Amazon. Plus, as one of the top sellers of branded reading glasses on Amazon their brand awareness is growing every day. Leveraging their popularity, the company is upping their game and inviting investors to be a part of a winning team.

With attractive price points, availability in 127 countries, and a portfolio of patents (12 already awarded; 14 more on the way), ThinOptics stands head and shoulders above typical equity crowdfunding campaigns. That’s because usual offerings are ordinarily made by pre-revenue businesses that can only forecast what sales might be at some future date with no certainty to back up the assertions and no clear path forward.

Worldwide, millions of people struggle to see clearly while engaged in day-to-day activities and ThinOptics is poised to meet this surging consumer demand. The corrective eyewear market is measured in the billions and ThinOptics has a clear path to meet growing market demand with a diverse product line that fits customers’ every need.

Investors are encouraged to inspect this investment opportunity close up and see if it has a place in their investment portfolio.

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About ThinOptics
Born in Silicon Valley, ThinOptics reading glasses are created from medical device materials, like the super-elastic memory-metal alloy used for heart stents, and incredibly slim, bulletproof-strong polycarbonate lenses. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies create a consistently high-quality and affordable product. When not in use, ThinOptics’ ultra-durable reading glasses are housed in one of several ingenious cases (with equally miniscule footprints) that are the perfect size to attach to your cell phone, laptop, television remote, or any flat, non-porous surface. ThinOptics reading glasses are not a gadget; they’re a revolutionary new vision platform. The company’s engineering team continues to develop new innovations to deliver powerful vision solutions to their ever-growing customer base.

SOURCE ThinOptics, Inc.