TranscendIT Health Publishes It Takes a Village by Kevin Pereau, Author of the Award Winning The Digital Health Revolution

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kevin Pereau, TranscendIT Health’s Founder and Principal and author of The Digital Health Revolution is back with its sequel, It Takes a Village. The 255-page paperback is now available on (TranscendIT Health). A Kindle eBook is also being offered. 

Healthcare never stops innovating. Catch up with how you can get, and stay, connected with It Takes a Village. This isn’t a book about the healthcare industry for the healthcare industry, this is a book for the rest of us.

Pereau’s first book, The Digital Health Revolution, was a pop culture zeitgeist about how our smartphones are changing the way we manage our health. (It was recently named to Book Authority’s list of Best Technology Books of All Time.

It ended proclaiming that we are on the verge of connected health. It Takes a Village explores what happens when we are all connected. We cannot emphasize enough that these books are for everyone and not just industry healthcare professionals! Kevin Pereau, ‘The Digital Health Guy" is quickly becoming the leading healthcare voice to consumers. Hear from healthcare’s top thought leaders on how you can benefit from the digital health revolution! All you need is your smartphone.

"I started writing about healthcare after reconnecting with some former classmates who confided in me that they now have type 2 diabetes. When I asked them what tools they were using to better connect with their healthcare stakeholders they said ‘There is nothing for people like us. We did this to ourselves’. I was heartbroken. What good is all this innovation we are doing if nobody knows about it? It Takes a Village was written to help fix that.

"In it, I interviewed 30 of healthcare’s top thought leaders. I caught up with who is innovating and how end-users can take advantage. We give examples of how people with diabetes can now capture and share their blood values with their doctors while digital health tools help supply them with tips and tricks for managing their condition. These same principles can be applied to literally any population of health, including those who are trying to avoid that trip to the doctor in the first place." says Pereau.

Praise for It Takes a Village

"I commend this book to everyone who believes that healthcare is too broken to be fixed. In it, you will meet a remarkable array of people – entrepreneurs, educators, public servants, and more – who have rolled up their sleeves and are working hard to serve the healthcare consumers of the world. Kevin Pereau is our guide into this optimistic world. I recommend this book to you."
–        Senator William Frist, M.D.

"As more people experienced at least one digital health service during the pandemic, it is imperative for health leaders to understand how to incorporate what worked and manage through what didn’t. This book serves as a practitioner’s guide, peeling one layer beyond an inventory of new technologies to reveal the need for data standards, privacy, an understanding of social needs, and a way to pay for it all without bankrupting the government."

–  Aneesh Chopra, President of CareJourney and Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer (2009-2012)

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