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SELMER, Tenn., March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With Spring coming into view, ClearBags reviews their trending Spring packaging solutions.

ClearBags, who has been bringing the public Crystal Clear Bagsā„¢ and other quality packaging options for over 30 years, is reviewing this year’s trending Spring packaging. Spring packaging includes items like themed and shaped pouches, simple box bottoms and every day flap seal bags and heat seal bags. This year’s review is to discuss fun color themes and easy packaging usage.

Themed and Shaped Pouches

Themed and Shaped Pouches are printed with fun designs and/or die cut into interesting shapes. These pouches all feature a bottom gusset that expands to hold more product and allows the bag to stand up on its own, whether that be on display shelves or in gift baskets. Many of these pouches have a zipper to easily reseal the product when needed and can also be heat sealed closed. The rainbow, speckled or plaid pouches are being used for Spring holiday goodies and gifts, such as popcorn, candy, cookies, Easter eggs, craft kits and more.

Box Bottoms

ClearBags carries a line of box bottoms that are sold separately from their corresponding, clear, box tops and slipcovers. Box bottoms come in a variety of colors and sizes and are often used to package greeting cards and custom made cookies. All of ClearBags’ box bottoms are made of food safe paper to package any goodies or treats.

Flap Seal Bags and Heat Seal Bags 

This year’s Spring packaging trends includes ClearBags Crystal Clear Flap Seal bags and Flat Heat Seal Bags. These bags can hold fun kits, crafts, custom cookies, candy, cards and more. Crystal Clear flap seal bags are easy to load and seal for large quantity packaging projects, while Flat Heat Seal bags are made to keep food items fresher, longer with the help of a heat sealer. Both clear bag options are made of Crystal Clear BOPP to fully display the items inside.

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