Two College Students Battle Social Awkwardness with Funny T-Shirts

BOULDER, Colo., June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Shirt-Scribe is focused on helping individuals who may struggle with ‘Social Awkwardness’ get out of their comfort zone by wearing a T-Shirt in place of a conversation starter. Their website states “Conversation comes easy with Shirt-Scribe.”

The company’s goal is to help their consumer “get out of your comfort zone and spark a conversation.”

Shirt-Scribe is a subscription service that delivers a funny conversation starter T-Shirt to its customers bi-monthly for only $20 (Including Shipping). The shirt designs are made for all ages, genders, and sizes. They offer designs ranging from “I’m Scared of Women” to “This Shirt is my Wingman.”

The founders, Landon Nattrass and Albin Halquist, are two University of Colorado, Boulder Business students who said they had the idea while at a party. “We noticed a lot of guys wearing funny T-Shirts and receiving a lot of compliments and attention with the shirts and thought of them as a great conversation starter…” says Co-Founder Landon Nattrass. “Then we thought, what if you could get a new “Joke Shirt” every month: to stand out, spark conversation, and have fun.”

Shirt-Scribe has had surprising success in its first month and hopes to continue the trend into the future. “We’re optimistic, we hope our shirts are able to start a few conversations and help our consumers be more comfortable in social situations,” said Landon Nattrass when asked about Shirt-Scribe’s future.

You can sign up at their website below, and receive your “Joke Shirt” every other month for only $20.



Landon Nattrass

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