Ultimate 50X Coffee Concentrate by DreamPak Debuts in 8oz Shelf-Ready PET Bottles

MCLEAN, Va., May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DreamPak, the leading innovator of shelf-stable liquid mixes for the food and beverage categories, has unveiled its ‘Ultimate Concentrated Coffee’ in shelf-ready bottles under its Press’d line.

The offering boasts a 50X coffee concentration, meaning that one part concentrate is diluted with fifty parts water when preparing the finished beverage. In the exploding ‘Micro-Dose Concentrate’ sub-category of coffee, DreamPak’s offering represents by far the most concentrated delivery on the market. “If somebody tried to concentrate a liquid coffee any further, it would have to be in solid form,” said Tarick Gamay, VP of Sales & Marketing for the beverage manufacturer. “We have seen emerging brands advertise a 20X coffee concentration, which is 1 Tablespoon (15ml) per serving. Press’d is significantly less diluted with one serving equating to 1 Teaspoon (5ml).”

Concentration is the name of the game in the ‘Micro-Dose’ coffee subcategory because of the efficiencies gained by packing more servings into a smaller bottle. “A more concentrated coffee yields less liquid per serving, which yields more servings per container, which ultimately yields a better value for the consumer,” continued Tarick. “Each 8oz. bottle of Press’d offers 50 servings of premium coffee for an MSRP of $9.49, which translates to less than $0.20 per serving. This is a tremendous value for essentially a bulk offering packaged in a shelf-ready PET bottle.”

DreamPak’s offering is further differentiated from competing offerings in terms of packaging selection, liquid consistency, and versatility. Press’d Coffee is the first super-concentrated coffee available in plastic bottles, which is preferred to glass by retailers and brands given the risk of breakage. The syrup-like consistency is thicker than other liquid coffees which lends itself to a variety of untraditional applications, including baking (add to cake/brownie batter), cooking (use as a marinade), and topping/mixer (add on top of ice cream or mix with yogurt).

In addition to selling the offering on Amazon and direct-to-consumer on its www.pressdcoffee.com site, DreamPak is also private labeling for select national and store brands.

Media Contact: Andres Espinoza, 703-942-5043,

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