Unique BODY404 Designers Reverse the Trend of AI-inspired Fast Fashion

NEW YORK, July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With AI, fast fashion is replacing designers to generate dozens of shirts within 10 seconds and thousands of items per day to create the next social media-inspired core fashion craze, but BODY404 is purposely choosing original designers with novel aesthetic themes. 

These themes actively participate in the reinvention of fashion rules and cater to Gen Z young non-conformists with unique statement pieces unseen elsewhere. 

Some Gen Z are drawn to these social media-inspired niche core fashion themes because they see it as more than a style but as an attitude. This could mean big business for fast fashion brands looking at using AI to predict and cash into these next fashion trends.

BODY404 takes another approach that augments human creativity. It hand selects cult designers who help consumers find unique ways to become stylish rather than just being trend-conscious.

"AI-generated shirts can fit market trends, but they can’t tap into deep human emotions. Our one-of-a-kind statement pieces allow the Gen Z consumer to live in their clothes," said BODY404 chief branding officer Charles Wang.

Gen Z consumers represent 40 percent of the global market worth $143 billion. The typical Gen Z consumer doesn’t want to be defined by strict fashion norms but prefers to discover and connect to novel brands. Many of these brands are found at BODY404.

BODY404 values the emotional connection between designers and consumers. It also values the ability of designers to develop cult aesthetics that fulfill an inner need for self-expression, which is the standard for choosing BODY404 designers.

Many BODY404 creators trigger a consumer’s past personal emotional experience while reflecting some deep social value.

"Our creators put a great deal of effort into sourcing materials and fabrics to make their original designs a reality and we want to work with them to boost their businesses and promote their different aesthetics," said Wang.

Young Gen Z fashion shoppers are ravenous for delightful experiences that let them break free from their constraints. Some unique BODY404 designers that are guaranteed to ignite a passion for unapologetic showmanship include:

The playful and colorful designs of Suan Le earrings bring ultimate joy to everyone who puts them on. The delicate figures hanging beneath Suan Le earrings symbolize a childhood fantasy, taking you away on a summer getaway.

The earrings are designed to celebrate personal moments of emotional ecstasy.

Gel E Lua jewelry is a brand that focuses on inclusivity and self-acceptance through a female gaze. The brand’s avatar, GELA, is a girlish but plucky warrior who is building a better feminine society.

She advocates hyper-femininity letting all girls everywhere freely enjoy the fun that comes with feminine indulgences without being seen as childish or frivolous.

Gel E Lua dives into the futuristic 3D world through metallic jewelry and sensual narrative. The brand emphasizes there is no absolute beauty or ugliness, just extreme stylization.

SideEffect bags are another unique indie brand that explores all the possibilities of non-conventional materials. The brand seeks to create and uncover the unexpected aesthetics of overlooked everyday items that have emotional symbolism.

Each of these hand-crafted SideEffect products embodies the concept of gender-fluid and actively reshaping gender rules in fashion.

"BODY404 also carries other dark horse indie brands. With our new BODY404 phone app, it’s easy for every fashion-conscious individual to join our movement of supporting thoughtfully designed, handcrafted staples that can’t be found elsewhere," said Wang.

BODY404 was founded in 2021 by a community of international creatives. It aims to help emerging designers and artisans grow their global businesses, revitalize manufacturers and logistics providers, and reignite the passion for unending fashion celebrations.

For further information or to schedule an interview, contact Charles Wang at 4127373050 or 341098@email4pr.com.