Unleash Your Inner Hero in Nine Arches & Behold The New Era of Games That Are Good For You

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Raising more than $100K in just a week from over 1,300 backers, Nine Arches is another sign the game industry is inching towards new kinds of post–pandemic games to trigger deeper and more meaningful real life experiences.

"After the pandemic, getting out and doing real things again is not as easy as it sounds," said Geoffrey Gray, the game’s founder and New York Times bestselling author. "We created Nine Arches as a way for players of all ages to power down their screens and power up in the real world."

In a unique partnership, Gray crossed over from the media industry and teamed up with Grank Shonkwiler, veteran game producer and designer who worked on Fortnite, Doom and other titles at Epic Games, to create a timeless experience that dares players to push their comfort zones.

‟Online you get to be a fantasy hero and level up for things that aren’t real," Shonkwiler says. ‟What makes Nine Arches so powerful and unique is that you can level up and be a hero in your everyday life."

Centered around a mystical deck of challenge cards, players choose and then combine their cards to embark on unique experiences in the real world. All the cards are beautifully hand‒drawn and categorized in four ‘power’ suits—Delight, Escape, Flow and Chaos. A dice is rolled suggesting a time limit, and the players go out to achieve their mission, documenting their quest in a log book.

To date, nearly 1,000 game testers from around the world have completed the cards, from spending the night alone in a national park for the card ‘Cave of Fears,’ to designing, building and swimming in a lap pool of hay for the card ‘Open Swim,’ or biking through Bombay at dawn for ‘Wheels of Joy.’

"We all love to use our creativity to solve problems," Shonkwiler adds. "Nine Arches challenges you to find a way to take actions on your true desires. It’s more than a game. It’s a push to make even the most mundane day a memorable one."

The First Edition of Nine Arches is now available for pre-sale on Kickstarter. Game kits start at $45 and will be available for general retail in 2022. You can request a sample of Nine Arches and more information from the media team, and access the asset gallery here: media kit.

For the brave and daring, you can receive a personal card deal from the founder and document your quest through the Nine Arches by texting "OPENSESAME" to the number (855) 586-2954. First come first serve.

Dashaun Gasque


SOURCE Nine Arches

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