Uzurii has Launched a Bridal Collection

AMSTERDAM, June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The renowned luxury footwear brand Uzurii has launched a bridal collection. Just in time for the wedding season brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride can find their perfect glamourous & comfortable flip flops at Dance all night long with our handmade and gemstone embellished flip flops.

Our bridal collection flip flops comes in over 50 styles. The white and nude colored soles are the perfect match for brides to be. Explore all our wedding styles at

About Uzurii
Uzurii is a fashion label with a clear and strong signature – the ultimate combination of casual glamour and timeless elegance. Uzurii is an Amsterdam area based fashion company. The iconic Dutch designs are characterized by the Brazilian roots of founder Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos. Founded in 2011, the company has expanded from a small luxury flip flop brand to a glamourous multitasking lifestyle label offering luxury footwear, bags & bijoux with vibrant, eye-popping designs and natural gem stones. Years of research and development preceded the production and the brand never ceases to strive to improve comfort, quality and durability. All of Shieglee’s designs are created through a colorful lense of pure luxury and love of all things maximal and dedicated to spread the spirit and joy of Rio.

All our ornaments are sewed onto the V-straps by hand. Uzurii designer Shieglee has a passion for the best materials, semi-precious stones and luxurious details. Each design is manually finished and that makes each Uzurii totally unique. It is a very labor-intensive technique and the result is truly overwhelming.

From Amazon to Amsterdam
Founder and designer Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos is born and raised in the slums of Rio. Shieglee: “I’m raised in the Amazon rainforest and moved at the age of 5 with my mother, sister & grandma to the slums of Rio de Janeiro. The new world was totally unfamiliar to me. For the first time in my life, I encountered simple things like water from the tap and my first pair of flip flops.” This where the colors and vibrancy of Rio and its world-famous carnival took hold of a young Shieglee and instilled in her a lifelong passion for colorful design. Inspired by her surroundings she started to design her own clothes, usually handed down from her kindly neighbor, to make them uniquely hers, by embellishing and upcycling the things she found discarded and left behind from the crazy carnival nights.

Her mother noticed that the young Shieglee had an incredible talent for design and understood such a young woman needed to express herself. A life changing decision to move to the Netherlands was made to allow her 13-year-old daughter the very best chance of fulfilling her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

And while the dream has clearly become a reality, Shieglee has kept her passion very much alive, working tirelessly throughout the year on new designs and products (hello bridal collection!) to add to her incredible brand – and her life’s incredible story.

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