VemoHerb Is Setting a New Standard for Supplements

From Wild-Grown Ingredients To Science-Backed Extraction to Supplement Standardization, the Veteran Nutraceutical Brand Is Redefining the Health and Wellness Industry

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Health and wellness is a broad industry with countless companies offering consumers an endless selection of supplement options. While there is no end to the number of products available, though, none of these have the veteran presence and ongoing consistency of VemoHerb. The Bulgarian nutraceutical brand has existed since before the turn of the century and has spent the intervening time developing the greatest closed-loop vitamin production cycle in the world.

“Our company is built on the blessings of our own rich and diverse native flora,” says company co-owner Vasil Zlatev. “Bulgaria is home to hundreds of remedial higher plants and herbs. When these are grown in the wild, they yield uniquely potent levels of active ingredients, which we have spent decades learning to harvest effectively.”

VemoHerb’s in-house production process starts with a know-how extraction technology that removes high concentrations of active ingredients from each botanical. After thorough testing using highly scientific analytical methods and tools, these ingredients are encapsulated into consumer products that maintain a remarkable degree of potency and purity. Along with VemoHerb’s exacting degree of internal precision, the company also follows the demanding regulations of quality control that come from operating within the European Union.

This careful, science-backed process ensures that each VemoHerb product is not just potent and pure. It is also expertly standardized (something that is severely lacking in most nutraceutical products). Rather than creating complex and confusing formulas, most VemoHerb products contain a single ingredient, too, such as Ecdysterone, Turkesterone, or Bulgaria’s own rare form of Tribulus Terrestris. This makes it easy for consumers to understand precisely what they’re getting and the various benefits they can expect from each bottle and capsule.

From ingredients to potency, production to standardization, VemoHerb’s lengthy track record and ongoing presence in the nutraceutical industry has enabled it to create a one-of-a-kind range of products that is setting a new standard for the global supplement industry. It is a fresh set of lofty expectations that lines up with the company’s enduring motto of providing “premium quality for all.”

About VemoHerb
VemoHerb is a health and wellness enterprise with over two decades of experience in the supplement industry. Founded in 1999, the family-owned label was established to develop and market innovative herbal extracts and food enzymes. The brand prides itself on its closed-loop production process, which starts with harvesting wild-grown herbs from the Balkan Mountain region, includes cutting-edge active ingredient extraction via the company’s in-house lab, and ends with elite supplements with transparent and informed labels. Learn more at

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