Veronica Lane Books Is Pleased to Announce the Book Release of 'I Married a Urologist! Keep Your Human Plumbing Healthy!' by Madeline Zech Ruiz

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Author Madeline Zech Ruiz became known as ‘the urologist’s wife’ in McAllen, Texas where her husband Dr. Henry Ruiz is a well-known and respected urological reconstruction surgeon. 

Over the years, Author Madeline Zech Ruiz found herself being approached by townsfolk for discreet urological advice, even while she was on her personal errands to the supermarket or going for a Starbucks. Finally ‘the urologist’s wife’ realized the need for a book to help men and women really understand the 10 most common urological issues.

Author Madeline Zech Ruiz drew on the urological knowledge that her husband Dr. Henry Ruiz shared with her over the years, and consulted with him on the factual info in the book. Madeline’s entertaining style, her recounting of intimate and sometimes humorous personal talks with family, friends and strangers on their urological problems, plus the fact-filled pages in the book shed light on these oftentimes hidden issues which will affect almost everyone at some point their lives. Madeline Zech Ruiz advises us to "Embrace Our Plumbing!"

Author Madeline Zech Ruiz is available for interviews, podcasts, blog articles, radio and TV appearances.

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