Virtual Reality is Turning Ten and Overdue for an Upgrade; Tech Startup Hypnos Virtual is Raising Capital to Deliver the First Entrant to the Metaverse

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the dawn of the Metaverse now underway, Oculus’s market entry over nine years ago seems like ancient history. Oculus paved the way for the Metaverse thanks to the immersive nature of the sight and sound it made possible. Facebook quickly realized the potential and snapped up the company for $2 billion. Not much has changed in augmented reality since then… but now there is Scentscape to take reality to the next level.

Scentscape transforms every aspect of human activity from the passive to the active by introducing a new neuroscience-based datastream called Bio-Media, which brings mood-making or mood-appropriate bio-aromatics to the event at hand. From simply reading a book to watching a movie to enjoying dinner with friends or to a no-holds-barred gaming showdown, Hypnos Virtual’s Scentscape enhances the experience.

Scentscape will come in different sizes, but the cinema model creates millions of different scents, "the full human scent genome," and is smaller than a mini-fridge. The Bio-Media is experienced as a choreographed "Scent track" that is continually changing like a cinematic musical score; it’s a totally unique experience. Hypnos is perfecting an artificial intelligence component to deliver the right scents at the right times in tune with the moment – such as scintillating olfaction of an ocean voyage in VR, taking in the intoxicating aroma of lush forests while watching any entry in The Lord of The Rings or the mouthwatering aromas of the Food Network or the acrid odors of the smoky and the burning during an "anything goes" gaming battle. Bio-telepresence, Virtual travel and even YouTube integration are standard features with this internet-based system – and there are even plans for the International Space Station.

The medical science and the technology behind Scentscape is neuro-tech, so it’s not easy reading, but it certainly is interesting.  Potential investors curious to know more about the engine driving this breakthrough are invited to take a deep dive on the Hypnos Virtual website –

The Metaverse is widely regarded as the next big thing and the Hypnos Scentscape is perfectly positioned to capitalize. The company expects wide adoption from the top entertainment giants and household names down to consumer ownership whereby a Scentscape will be on a Best Buy or Amazon shopping list along with their new TV, computer or gaming console.

Investors are encouraged to explore investing in this innovative company on track to make its mark on the world.

The Scentscape investment offering –

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