Wedding Planning Assistant Further Expands with Three New Localized Services

CONCORD, N.H., Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Wedding Planning Assistant LLC announced today the global launch of three additional localized language wedding service platform communities. Expanding its global wedding community footprint even further, the service now offers the innovative digital platform in German, Japanese, and Spanish, for a total of eight languages, including English, French, Hungarian, Italian, and Russian. The one-stop global site offers international wedding planners to create their wedding plans with their free site. The multi-language planning solution offers individuals and wedding planners the tools to plan their dream wedding celebration online with its robust service platform.

Wedding planning is now even easier with The Wedding Planning Assistant’s expanded international platform and community. Free digital event planning tools empower the planner to locate highly recommended and personalized service providers in their local area to create their perfect wedding day. While traditional planning has been stressful with the complexities of destination planning and identify the various provides such as photographers, flower vendors, and catering, The Wedding Planning Assistant offers a simple solution to create events of any size, and in multiple cultures.

Wedding Planning Localized for Local Traditions
It’s a fascinating journey to discover the intricacies of the various traditions, cultures, and ceremonies that cultures practice in their wedding ceremonies. The Wedding Planner now is a part of those international traditions with the delivery of its new localized community offerings, delivering custom experiences to expand its global wedding community. The expanded offerings include translated wedding planning platform communities for German, Japanese, and Spanish.

"At Wedding Planner Assistant, we’ve created an exciting global vision. Our tremendous growth allows us to serve our global wedding communities stretching across continents, creating tremendous new opportunities as the platform now offers translated Japanese, Spanish, and German, as well as Italian, French, Hungarian, and Russian localizations," commented Vadim Kudriavtcev, founder. "We are reverent about the wedding traditions and cultures of each language, and we are constantly improving and adapting our service based on the peculiarities of language groups and locations."

Delivering Tailored Wedding Traditions
Wedding Planning Assistant is a unique global wedding solution built for its users as they journey through their wedding event planning. Vendors from every country are supported, and The Wedding Planner continuously seeks opportunities to grown and improve its services for both its community and platform. The Wedding Planning Assistant is committed to building a truly global community for the wedding industry.

Expanding with Additional International Wedding Service Providers
The Wedding Planner invites international wedding professionals to join our community. The wedding tools assist newlyweds-to-be plan their wedding – with their culture’s specific traditions, find wedding venues, vendors, and event professionals all within our global platform.

The comprehensive project planner celebrates Wedding Planning Assistant’s most utilized feature – the searchable vendor database. Just a click away, planners can arrange an appointment, schedule an event or booking. Wedding vendors can access real-time customer feedback and share their stellar reviews to promote their business’s successful events.

About Us
We’re a small team dedicated to improving the wedding planning process. Having planned our own weddings and have faced the challenges and frustrations that ensue. We decided enough was enough and resolved to believe that wedding planning should be a celebrated lifetime memory and doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing process. We have the experience and solutions to solve this problem. Thus, the Wedding Planner Assistant was born. Learn more about the Wedding Planner Assistant to create your perfect event at

Vadim Kudriavtcev, CEO
(617) 419-0316

SOURCE Wedding Planning Assistant LLC

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