When a Young Girl Finds a True Friendship With Nature in an Enchanted Forest, She Learns That Love and Kindness Are Eternal in New Book by Patricia A. Cozzi

RENOVO, Pa., Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It is the splendorous season of fall and a young girl who loves the outdoors is helping her mother rake leaves. When she finds herself, unexpectedly, in an enchanted forest, she’s taught the importance of nature and the true meaning of enduring friendship. Simply and artfully written by Patricia A. Cozzi, My Friend Scarlet is a beautifully illustrated picture book reminiscent of an earlier age.

When the story’s sweet girl lies down for a rest in a cozy pile of leaves, she is so comfortable that she closes her eyes just for a bit. When she looks up, she sees a glorious red leaf that beckons her, "Welcome to the forest!" All around her, the young girl sees the resplendence of nature: flowers busy making seeds, squirrels preparing for winter burying acorns, the fall leaves getting ready for a new adventure when they move on from their tree.

The little red leaf, aptly named Scarlet, knows that the girl loves the outdoors and explains to her what forest life is like.  Scarlet explains with pride the importance of leaves and the job they hold in the forest—helping nourish their tree, providing shade to their forest friends, becoming part of a warm nest for woodland creatures.

Scarlet had a pure heart, one that was kind and generous to her forest friends. When a storm comes, the wind arrives and takes the beautiful leaf high up into the sky. The girl is very sad to see her friend go, until something wonderfully magical happens to show her that love, friendship, and kindness live on forever.

In the spirit of archetypal picture books with timeless stories, families and educators of young children will delight in sharing Patricia A. Cozzi’s poignant story and its strong message of friendship and kindness. My Friend Scarlet is a classic in the making and is available now wherever books are sold.

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