Whether a Deceased Loved One Passed from Dementia or Suicide, Messages from Heaven in This Book Answer Many Concerns

WOODLAND PARK, Colo., Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Emerging author Barbara Royal, serving as a scribe for those who have passed, provides survivors with news of the new life their loved ones are experiencing. In the Garden offers Messages, meditation and journaling for readers to process the words that come from the departed. Available at http://getbook.at/InTheGarden.

Many worry about the souls of departed loved ones. In the Garden: Messages from Heaven for Life on Earth affirms that those who have gone before us are celebrating and learning a new life. Whether a loved one passed from dementia, other natural causes, or suicide – transformation is occurring. Contained herein are different stories of different lives, with love, forgiveness and acceptance of mistakes that have been made, both by the departed and the living. Those of the living have found peace by reading these Messages, as they answer many of the concerns people struggle with on earth. Answers are here for those who seek.

"In this beautifully crafted and sensitively written work, Barbara Royal communicates messages of love and forgiveness, consolation and peace that cross the divide between life and death. In the Garden: Messages from Heaven for Life on Earth will be a source of comfort for anyone who longs for a sense of connection and/or closure with deceased loved ones." Tom Stella Sacred Theology Masters, National Certified Counselor, Author of In Sync with the Sacred, Out of Step with the World and CPR for the Soul: Reviving a Sense of the Sacred in Everyday Life.

Barbara Royal has practiced holistic wellness since 1998. Her gifts come from surviving childhood trauma, the business world and chronic illness. Barbara’s experience of feeling the divine within was her motivation to pursue spiritual transformation for herself and humanity. Her practice took the forms of Spiritual Direction, mediumship, the Akashic Records, Angel Therapy, Bio Spiritual Focusing and a Messages from Heaven column in her local newspaper. This book, with words of wisdom from those who have gone before us, is Barbara’s latest step in facilitating change for those who are ready to embrace it.

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