Why Increasing Your Antioxidants Is the New Year’s Resolution That You Really Need to Keep

CHANTILLY, Va., Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — All of us are likely making a few mental resolutions this week but many of us are already well aware that a countless number of them will fall away before the first month of 2024 is even over. Dr. Noreen Galaria, a board certified Dermatologist and Founder and CEO of Inner Glow says the one resolution that she feels it is important to add (and keep) is that of improving the antioxidants in our diet. “Many of us are aware that eating well, sleeping on time and exercising are important for overall health. The issue really becomes that even though we are eating well, many of the foods in our diet are processed and don’t have the nutritional value that they used to have even a few decades ago.” One of the reasons that she created Inner Glow Age Defense vitamins is because she has seen that the skin is a window to the inside and when patients are not able to take care of themselves as well as normal, the skin is the first thing to suffer. “I see thousands of patients and when I know them well, I can see how stress changes their skin between visits. Not just their skin tone and texture, but even big things like how many pre-cancers they make in a six-month period,” says Dr. Galleria. We know that certain ingredients like blueberries, green tea, probiotics, cacao bean, resveratrol, and grapeseed extract are great at fighting free radical damage and also improving overall health by mopping up free radicals in our bodies. People are often surprised to see that Inner Glow Age Defense actually doesn’t really have many vitamins in it. It is a true nutraceutical that is made of whole food antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that we may not be getting in our diet as regularly as we should, but that are critical to overall health and wellness. I chose whole food ingredients to put into this vitamin because simply extracting a vitamin out of a food means we do not get the full complement of benefits that the food actually provides. I often say that extracting the vitamin C out of a blueberry without including the other ingredients, like the fiber, antioxidants like anthocyanin in the blueberry skin, and the anti-inflammatories is similar to going to a gym and grabbing the hot towel and hoping you get the benefits of an entire workout. Yes, that hot towel might make you feel relaxed but you’ve missed out on so many other benefits that you could have enjoyed had you used the entire gym.

I created this supplement as a blend of Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in their complete form. “This is the way that our body knows how to extract the maximum benefit from a food,” says Dr. Galaria.

She is a dermatologist and along with a plastic surgeon, she spent a decade researching these supplements, which also include other powerhouse anti-aging ingredients like polypodium leucotomos, and pycnogenol. Photoaging is preventable and I want to give my patients every tool to do just that. I recommend sunscreen and anti-aging creams, but providing our skin with the building blocks to truly repair and fend off photoaging is just as important and that is what Age Defense provides.

Inner Glow Age Defense vitamins are available on Amazon and at www.innerglowvitamins.com $48.99.

They are recommended by Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and beauty editors alike due to their careful, proprietary formulation by skin experts.

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