Wood Scraper for Grill Receives High Ranking on Amazon From Impressed Users

ARAD, Israel, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Easy Function provides at-home grill masters with reliable grilling tools that elevate the backyard BBQ experience. Users of the brand’s wooden scraper for grill have been so impressed, the product has garnered an Amazon’s Choice Award and is currently holding a spot in the Top 10 Amazon Bestsellers “Grill Scraper” category. The grill cleaner ranks high for sturdiness, ease of use, easy to clean, and value for money.

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With the warm weather season well underway, many people turn to the trusted barbeque to cook exceptional meals for their family and friends. Food cooked on the barbeque is usually done low and slow, allowing flavors to develop and deepen, which is responsible for the authentic BBQ taste. “There’s something special about the cooking atmosphere and the unique flavors that are highlighted when grilling food,” says the senior spokesperson for the brand. “Cooking outside on the BBQ offers the opportunity for everyone to be outside and enjoy the experience together. And that’s where we come in; we want to enhance that feeling with tools that make the job easier for the cook in charge of the grill.”

The company shares its list of what matters when it comes to cleaning the grill:

  • Go bristle-free. Grill brushes are made with metal wire bristles that can become dislodged and end up in the grilled food. Public health experts warn that ingesting wire bristles is a serious health hazard and can cause potentially life-threatening injuries.
  • Long Handle. Keeps hands safely away from the heat of the barbeque.
  • Easy to use. The tapered wooden design quickly and easily conforms to every barbeque’s grill grates.
  • Cleaning power. Conforming to fit individual grate styles allows effective cleaning to remove gunk and char from the top and in between the grates.
  • Natural materials. Recyclable, non-toxic pine is environmentally friendly and won’t scratch barbeque grates.

The company offers a second version of its Wooden Grill Scraper, made with natural beech hardwood, and features a handy bottle opener for those wanting to enjoy a refreshing drink while cooking.

Amazon customers have been very happy with the wood grill scraper as a preferred alternative to traditional wire brushes. One backyard cook comments, “I recently bought a new grill and want to keep it clean and well-maintained. I had used a wire brush on my last grill and, eventually, found that the bristles were breaking off and finding their way into our food. We decided to try the Easy Function Wood Grill Scraper as an alternative. Great decision! With a warm grill, the grooves have molded to my grill grate, and now the scraper does a great job of maintaining my grill!”

In addition to the recommendations on Amazon, the wooden grill scraper has been featured on prominent sites, including the “FoodsGuy” blog and award-winning journalist Steven Raichlen’sBarbeque Bible.” Raichlen is recognized as the man who reinvented modern barbecue.

Those interested in learning more about the brand and its full range of BBQ grill tools should visit its Amazon storefront.

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