WYBOTICS Unveils Groundbreaking WYBOT M2 at CES 2024: World’s First Cordlessly Self Docking Pool Cleaning Robot with Underwater Vision Recognition

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) witnessed the debut of a technological marvel as WYBOTICS, a recognized leader in the swimming pool cleaning robot industry, has taken center stage with the unveiling of the WYBOT M2. Representing a quantum leap in pool cleaning technology, the WYBOT M2 claims to feature the world’s first underwater vision recognition system and an underwater self-charging station. With bold assertions of enhanced cleaning efficiency, underwater wireless charging technology, and the conceptual WYBOT-X, WYBOTICS aims to redefine the landscape of intelligent pool maintenance.

WYBOTICS, founded in 2005, has been committed to simplifying and enhancing the pool cleaning experience. The WYBOT M2 is the result of a year-long development effort by the WYBOTICS research team, aimed at bringing intelligence, efficiency, and innovation to the pool cleaning process.

Underwater Vision Recognition System: 10-20 Times More Efficient Than Traditional Models

In a market where a handful of high-end robots rely on underwater sonar systems, and the majority still adopt traditional fixed-path cleaning methods, WYBOTICS has dedicated intensive research and development effort to create the groundbreaking underwater vision recognition system for the WYBOT M2. The high-resolution camera, strategically positioned on the robot’s front, incorporates the innovative “Dirt Hunting Mode.” This technology allows the camera to navigate complex underwater environments, and focus on accurate detection, efficient elimination of debris and dirt, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience. The unique algorithm processes scanned pool images and garbage locations, allowing the robot to automatically plan the optimal route for targeted pool cleaning. The promise of automated route planning based on processed data signals a significant step forward in cleaning precision.

After undergoing rigorous testing, the WYBOT M2, leveraging its advanced underwater vision recognition system, has demonstrated an astonishing 10-20 times improvement in cleaning efficiency compared to traditional pool cleaning robots. This leap in efficiency ensures a thorough and precise cleaning experience, leaving pool owners with sparkling clean water and minimal effort.

Pool owners and industry experts alike are keen to assess the practical implications and real-world efficacy of this innovation.

Self-Docking Technology: Redefining Convenience

In addition to traditional cloud connectivity and remote control functionalities, the WYBOT M2 introduces the world’s first underwater charging technology. As the pool cleaning robot industry moves towards greater intelligence, the development team at WYBOTICS addresses the need for high-frequency charging by introducing world’s first underwater self-docking and inductive charging technology. Featuring a 120-watt wireless charging base, it ensures rapid recharging of the robot’s battery. This innovation is positioned to extend operational periods, offering users an unprecedented level of convenience.

“We are excited to present the world’s first underwater self-docking and inductive charging pool cleaning robot, the WYBOT M2, at CES 2024,” said the WYBOTICS team. “Our goal is not only to provide users with an efficient cleaning tool but also to make the process enjoyable. We aim to transform the perception of pool cleaning robots into truly intelligent and fun devices.”

Introducing the Future: WYBOT-X

In addition to the WYBOT M2, WYBOTICS unveiled the WYBOT-X, a concept product that integrates 3D cleaning and intelligent pool water quality monitoring at CES 2024. WYBOT-X aspires to provide a comprehensive solution to pool maintenance by adapting to pool contours for a more thorough cleaning experience.

In WYBOT’s future vision, pool cleaning, water quality testing, and automatic robot recharging merge seamlessly. This integration allows a single robot to clean both the water surface and underwater debris, while simultaneously providing real-time monitoring of the pool water quality, addressing concerns related to safety and user experience.

Positive Anticipation in the Tech Community

The unveiling of the WYBOT M2 at CES 2024 has generated significant buzz among attendees and tech communities. Early reactions highlight the innovative use of underwater vision recognition technology and the potential for transforming the pool cleaning industry.

An anonymous attendee remarked, “The WYBOT M2’s underwater vision recognition system is a game-changer. It’s impressive to see a pool cleaning robot that can navigate and clean with such precision.”

Tech enthusiasts on social media platforms have also expressed excitement about the introduction of underwater wireless charging, praising its potential to address the need for frequent recharging in pool cleaning robots.

The pool cleaning landscape is evolving rapidly, and users are poised to benefit from advancements that genuinely enhance efficiency, convenience, and the overall pool maintenance experience. The tech community eagerly awaits in-depth insights, practical demonstrations, and the opportunity to experience firsthand the positive impact these innovations promise to bring to the pool cleaning landscape.

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WYBOTICS, founded in 2005, is a prominent innovator in the swimming pool cleaning robot industry. Dedicated to simplifying pool maintenance, WYBOTICS designs and produces cutting-edge pool cleaning robots, aiming to provide crystal-clear water and a hassle-free experience for pool enthusiasts.