¡Yo Quiero! Brings Four Craveable Avocado Cream Cheese Dips to Grocery Store Shelves this Summer

Avocado-forward dips are part of the nationwide trend for "Better for You" fresh snacking choices

RHOME, Texas, July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As part of a highly anticipated national launch, ¡Yo Quiero! has released their first-of-its-kind line of avocado cream cheese dips to refrigerated shelves across the U.S.. "With the mindfulness to balance premium ingredients and fresh flavors with nutrition, these four delicious products combine the mouthwatering decadence of real cream cheese with the wholesome goodness of avocado," says Jay Alley, Co-Owner, and Vice President of Sales for ¡Yo Quiero!.

"Avocado has come out on top as one of the healthiest ingredients to build upon to create dips that have fewer calories, less fat, and less cholesterol than other top-selling cream cheese dips in this category. Avocado is the first ingredient in each of our four flavored dips: Spinach Artichoke, Spinach Bacon, Bacon, Ranch and Cheddar, and Jalapeno Popper," he continues.

Spinach Artichoke

The avocado cream cheese spinach artichoke dip is just as rich and delicious as the regular stuff. Containing 33% less Calories, 33% less Total Fat, 29% less Saturated Fat, and 33% less Cholesterol than the leading brands, it’s all the flavor without the guilt! This better-for-you option is perfect for dipping or topping. https://yoquierobrands.com/product/spinach-artichoke/

Spinach Bacon

The avocado cream cheese spinach bacon dip is made with real spinach and the perfect amount of bacon. With avocado being the #1 ingredient, this dip has 25% less Total Fat than the leading Spinach dips. Try on chicken or tossed with pasta! https://yoquierobrands.com/product/spinach-bacon/

Jalapeño Popper

They’ve taken the greatness of the jalapeno popper and mixed it into the avocado cream cheese. This blend of spiciness and flavor will be a hit at any party and will leave your guests wanting more. Use this delicious dip to fill your next batch of poppers. https://yoquierobrands.com/product/jalapeno-popper/

Bacon Cheddar Ranch

Made with Hass avocados, creamy cheese, bacon, and a touch of ranch flavor, this dip is perfect for topping flatbread, a burger or just eating with a chip. https://yoquierobrands.com/product/bacon-cheddar-ranch/

¡Yo Quiero!’s launch of the avocado-forward dips is part of an overall snacking trend that includes smart, relevant, and convenient choices. "As consumers expand their interest in ‘Better For You’ snacking options, avocado consumption is growing at a record pace.  Over the past 20 years, avocados have been on an upward trajectory. Americans now eat 8.5 pounds per person per year—up 278 percent since 2000. Avocados are naturally nutrient-rich, and the array of vitamins and minerals they contain are not often found together in one place," Tara Murray, VP of Marketing.

¡Yo Quiero!’s Avocado Cream Cheese Dips will be available select at Costco, Walmart, and Albertson’s locations across the U.S.

To learn more about ¡Yo Quiero!’s Avocado Cream Cheese Dips, visit www.yoquierobrands.com and www.freshinnovationsllc.com.

About ¡Yo Quiero!

¡Yo Quiero! Brands is a Texas-based avocado, guacamole, and dip company with state-of-the-art facilities in Rhome, Texas and Guanajuato, Mexico. With a mission of selecting and growing the freshest and finest ingredients, ¡Yo Quiero! creates delicious, hand-crafted products that can be found in most local retailers. Bringing years of experience and dip expertise to the category, ¡Yo Quiero! leads and innovates with integrity and passion. The current lineup of handcrafted Guacamole, Super Chunky Avocado, Avocado Salsa, Elote Dip, Queso, and Salsa can be viewed on our website. For additional information, recipes, or product availability, please visit www.yoquierobrands.com

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