YoGoody Is the Perfect Holiday Health Tool

The Health and Wellness Brand’s Yogurt Alternatives Are Fast, Convenient, and Store Well, Providing Easy-Access Nutrition at a Moment’s Notice

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The holidays can be filled with stressful moments, busy schedules, and poor food choices. Collectively, these can put a strain on an individual’s health as they hamper digestion, stress out the body, and suppress an individual’s immune system. YoGoody is a health brand that is helping individuals counteract this tendency toward unhealthiness even in the midst of the end-of-year bustle.

“Our products are designed to be both healthy and convenient,” says company founder Anabela Ferreira. “We use shelf-stable powders and gummies to ensure that everything is fast and easy to take with you, no matter where you’re headed.”

YoGoody’s 1.2.3.YOG is the perfect example of this convenience in action. The daily yogurt alternative is packed with the same probiotic cultures that are present in regular yogurt. The presence of a hefty dose of prebiotic fibers also supports the activity and growth of these probiotics, helping them thrive. These are necessary ingredients for strong gut health, which is an important consideration during a season when consumers tend to throw a variety of unusual and unhealthy food items at their digestive system.

1.2.3.YOG powders are preserved through a freeze-dried manufacturing method. This ensures a long shelf-life while simultaneously removing the need for constant refrigeration. All that’s required is to mix the powder with water, shake or stir, and drink.

YoGoody’s GummyGoody vitamins are similarly convenient for travel and are praised for their amazing consistency. They are ideal tools for critical holiday and winter-weather nutritional needs, including boosting immunity and enhancing better sleep and mental clarity.

Between simplicity and accessibility, as well as the intense concentration of genuinely beneficial ingredients, YoGoody is revolutionizing the concept of convenient nutrition. Its disruptive approach to innovation has created products that are useful for any and all periods of life — including the busy holiday season.

About YoGoody

YoGoody operates out of Oporto, Portugal. The company was founded by Anabela Ferreira in 2022 as a way to create a yogurt alternative that is packed with nutrition, hyperconvenient, and sustainably made. YoGoody has nutritionists on staff and invests heavily in R&D. Since its inception, the brand has grown to include three primary product labels: 1.2.3. YOG (everyday health), YoGoody+ (advanced formula), and GummyGoody (targeted supplemental support). Learn more at yogoody.com.

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