ZapClo Embarks on Apparel Industry Revolution with AI-Powered Strategy, Welcomes Don Jones as Global Chairman

BREWSTER, N.Y., Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a bold move aimed at reshaping the landscape of the global apparel manufacturing sector, ZapClo, the innovative technology company based in Haryana, India, has charted a visionary course inspired by the strategies of early-stage tech pioneers. Under the banner of “Blue Sky,” ZapClo is set to usher in a new era of efficiency and effectiveness in the industry through the strategic implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. This paradigm shift is underscored by the appointment of esteemed industry veteran Don Jones as Global Chairman, signaling ZapClo’s commitment to pioneering advancements in global brand product manufacturing.

ZapClo’s groundbreaking strategy draws inspiration from the innovation playbook of early-stage tech companies, showcasing a commitment to pushing boundaries and revolutionizing the apparel industry. The appointment of Don Jones as Global Chairman symbolizes the company’s dedication to fostering a more efficient and effective approach to the production of products for brands worldwide.

Surya Gupta, Founder and CEO of, spoke to the rationale behind the strategic move, stating, “As a board, we sought a guiding force with a robust consumer product and retail pedigree, coupled with a nuanced understanding of the international marketplace. Don’s election as Chairman was the perfect choice for us.” Don Jones, with a distinguished career spanning over 40 years in the retail sector and holding senior executive roles at renowned brands such as Target, Ikea, Gap, and Macy’s, brings unparalleled expertise to the helm of ZapClo.

In accepting the role of Global Chairman, Don Jones expressed his commitment to synergizing his extensive industry knowledge, contacts, and talents with the technological acumen of Surya Gupta and Brian Mead. “I took on the role of Global Chairman of ZapClo to leverage my over 40 years of knowledge, contacts, and talents, blending them with the tech genius of Surya Gupta and Brian Mead. Together, we aim to deliver a world-class experience to our customers,” Jones commented on his appointment.

This strategic alignment positions ZapClo as a trailblazer in the apparel industry, promising to streamline manufacturing processes, enhance efficiency, and deliver a seamless experience for brands on a global scale. As the company embarks on this transformative journey, stakeholders and industry enthusiasts are invited to follow ZapClo’s progress closely.

About ZapClo:

ZapClo is an advanced technology manufacturer headquartered in Haryana, India, committed to revolutionizing the apparel industry through the strategic application of Artificial Intelligence. The company aims to pioneer innovative solutions, providing global brands with unparalleled manufacturing experiences.

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